Looking For A Partner To Optimize Your Business Outcomes? That’s What Analytica Does.

What We Do

Analytica specializes in advanced planning and scheduling software solutions. Analytica provides a comprehensive solutions based on its expertise in the planning and scheduling field, its manufacturing know-how based on implementing hundreds of projects, and a vertical business approach.

What We Are

Analytica is founded by experts on Mathematics, Operations Research, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering and Information Systems. All the employees in Analytica have expertises at least in one discipline written above.

Our Great Features:

Our products help to improve the quality of data lurking in the veins of your company

Our motto: “The cleaner is the data, the more benefit is accrued from optimization”.


Agility and Speed in Decision-making

Our products provide agility and speed into decision-making process by incorporating the impact of new data quickly.

Deeper Insights

Our products enable you to gain deeper understanding of the productive resources based on data and analytical facts (not superstitions).

Performance-based Management

We help you to quickly experiment different scenarios and evaluate their performances in KPIs.

Strong. Stable. Reliable


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