What does Chronica® do?

Chronica® is an optimization-based scheduler and sequencer

Minimize both the frequency and magnitude of changeover durations

Maximize the utilization of workcenters and equipments with finite capacity

Minimize the total flow time of production orders from raw material to finished goods

Chronica® respects variety of business rules

Variety of customer requirements (package size, due dates, priority, etc.)

Finite capacities of workcenters and equipments

Changeover rules (sequence-dependent, and quantity-dependent)

Workcenter assignment rules (Workcenter-operation rules, and workcenter-equipment matching rules)

Calendar and shift rules (Factory off-days, Shift start and finish times, etc.)

Operation rules (process times, etc.)

Chronica®: Key Features and Benefits

Chronica®: Key Benefits

Based on state-of-art optimization technologies

Chronica® is developed in collaboration with academia

Scalable algorithms with quick runtimes

Full detailed schedule is generated within 10 mins

Flexible and Customizable algorithms

Algorithms can be run with different objectives and constraints (due-date with earliness and tardiness penalties, flow-time minimization, setup minimization, etc.)

Quick return on investment (ROI) via dramatic improvement in KPIs

Benefit-1: Minimize the frequency of changeovers (2x Reduction)

Benefit-2: Minimize the magnitude of changeovers (Upto 50%)

Short implementation cycle

Full system can be implemented within 3 months

Up to 50% Reduction in frequency of changeovers (setup times)

2 x Reduction in magnitude of changeovers (setup times)

Optimization-based Scheduling is critical. Why?

Scheduling based on heuristic rules does not take into account interdependencies between workcenters and operations

Sequence changeovers locally for a work center without considering the resulting impacts on other work centers.

Pick the fastest available machine first.

Calculate lot-sizes without taking into account setup times.

Optimization-based scheduling is critical in achieving 2x reduction in magnitude and frequency of changeover times

Sequence changeovers for a work center by considering the resulting impacts on other work centers.

Consider the effect of scheduling on bottleneck workcenters.

Calculate lot-sizes by taking into account setup times.

Optimization-based scheduling helps in other (probably non-quantifiable but priceless) ways

Helps to quickly experiment different scenarios and evaluate their performances in KPIs

Improves the quality of data lurking in the veins of your company

Helps to gain deeper understanding of the productive resources based on data and analytical facts (not superstitions)

Provides agility and speed into decision-making process by incorporating the impact of new data quickly

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